The Road To Zero Gas Emission – UK Plans To Lessen 80 Percent By 2050

UK Zero Gas Emissions

In the year 2018, there is about 5.5 percent electric vehicles in the UK’s new car market, and petroleum and diesel fuel the rest. Constituents are purchasing and consuming more petroleum for their cars which increased carbon dioxide emissions. With the current situation at hand, the UK government plans to lessen the greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% by the year 2050.

The UK has proposed “Road to Zero Strategy,” a plan to ban all sales of combustion engine vehicles by 2024. It is technology neutral and does not specify any techniques that would aid the government’s proposal and on the same token does not state the banning of hybrids.

Nevertheless, car manufacturing companies are in the process of making numerous electric and hybrid cars in the future to comply with it. However, the RAC Foundation, a motoring research charity observed that the shortage of charging points is impeding its realization.

With that said, the UK is addressing the problem by pushing for the formation of charging points in residential streets, homes, offices and appropriate places as adequately assessed. The UK will also provide a £400 million to Charging Infrastructure Investment fund for an accelerated production and installation of charging points.

UK’s Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling states that this idea will make it more convenient and more accessible for electric car users. It will also make Britain one of the most comprehensive supporters of packages for zero-emission vehicles in the world. Moreover, it will ensure a healthy and sanitary environment and create a stronger economy for the UK in the future as the strategy may bring about an income of £7.6 trillion by 2050.

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