Forming Ties, Fixing Lives – Experts Suggest Family Bonding Could Improve Mental Health

Positive family relationships enable the members to freely express themselves and breaks stressful routines. Therefore, it is important to spend time with the familyStudies suggest forming close family ties could benefit mental health by creating an environment of openness within the family

Mental health experts suggest that individuals should spend more time with their family members. This recommendation relates to breaking stressful routines and improving one’s psychological aspect. In relation, it also aims to form a bond with parents and children.

Statistics show that most British have extensive labor hours in the world. Per week, an average worker in the UK stays in the office for 49 hours. Long work periods caused high-stress levels among laborers, which makes enterprises lose 10.4 million working days due to work-related stressors.

Getting absorbed with work also caused people to focus more on work-related tasks rather than on other aspects of life, as shared by the Mental Health Foundation. They tend to disregard their family members due to too much workload.

Therefore, it is essential for one to spend time with family occasionally. Researchers at the University of Ulster shared that connecting with siblings could increase happiness levels. Thus, it lessens the feeling of loneliness.

Spending time with the family also promotes a culture of openness. A study from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln said that positive communication enables each member of the family to talk about their feelings comfortably. Therefore, they effectively conquer stress by intently listening to what someone has to say.

Strong family ties could also increase self-esteem and decrease anxiety levels. Catherine Naughton and her team from the University of Limerick deduced through a survey that a happy family maintains a sense of belongingness that causes a positive note on a person’s psychological aspect.

Children benefit from tight family bonds. It causes kids to feel more loved and secure when they are close to their parents or guardians.

The Mental Health Foundation studied that children who spend more time with their parents could handle their feelings well and develop better relations with others. On the other hand, those with weak family relationships increase a child’s risk of self-harm.

To promote a healthy family relationship, experts suggest that parents should practice active listening at home. It entails giving someone full attention, listening to another’s sentiments, and staying off technology while talking to a member of the family. In connection, families should create an environment where everyone is free to speak about their thoughts.

Families should also engage in activities together. It allows the group to catch up after a busy day at school or work and to tell stories, therefore breaking stressful routines. Through positive family relationships, the members feel close and happy.

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