Solving Demands For Quality Healthcare – Honor Focuses On Home And Medical Care Agencies For Elderlies

Quality Home and Medical Healthcare for Elderlies

The fast-growing and all-inclusive home care company, Honor, managed to raise $50 million in Series C financing to support the prompt expansion of the Honor Care Network composed of several home care agency partners across the US. Honor is considered a first-of-its-kind US network for home care agencies and other providers. 

The agency currently added seven new home care agency partners to its Care Network and is keenly in search for partners in new and existing regions within Texas, California, and New Mexico.

Seth Sternberg, CEO of Honor discussed to TV Accent that Honor was created to give the elderly the care they need to remain as independent as possible. Sternberg emphasized that as Honor grew, the company quickly saw that the best way to care for the rapid increase of the elderly is to partner with local agencies and empower them. Honor Care Network was created to allow and teach agencies to be able to care for the older adults more efficiently.

The demands of better home care and medical care for the elder is urging the medical system to improve. With the increase of older women and men, it is inevitable that health issues that are related to aging will surface. The elderly can have access to better support systems and quality health care in home care.

Aside from the physical ailments elders go through, they also struggle with emotional problems. That is why the Honor Care Network provides home care agencies access to more competent caregivers, cutting-edge facilities, and a complete support operations solution system.

Honor would remove the hassle of caregiver recruiting, labor force, billing, insurance, as well as legal and compliance issues from its associates. Honor’s technology platform helps agencies schedule care more efficiently and have better visibility into patient care.

Home health care is essential because it helps to cater to the majority of the elderly who want to receive treatment at the comforts of their own homes. Home care agencies employ nurses, therapists, and other medical specialists to provide specialized care. The specialists help provide and coordinate the care and therapy that the elders’ doctors order.

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