Iora Health Attempts To Push Boundaries With Effective Healthcare Apps

Iora Health Quest Towards Effective Healthcare Apps

Considered as one of the pillars in digital healthcare and non-traditional health systems, Boston-based, Iora Health has raised $100 million in funding to support continued progress and enhanced technology. 

Iora Health ignited the funding round to further fuel the development of technology and care model and growth in current and new markets. The company is a value based primary care provider that is expected to widen its market further. The high-growth company focuses on Medicare patients over 65 years of age.

Iora Health aims to cater to patients with high-impact and relationship-based care models. It has been advancing its shared care model and involves an efficient team of doctors, health coaches, and nurses that track each patient’s health with the support of Iora’s software platform. The company’s system is proven to please patients, improve health, and cut costs.

Iora Health confirmed that it could cope with the growing demand for medical care through the use of E funding. It is the provision of carrying out and allocating financial services with the use of electronic means such as the Internet.

The company claims that it is building a different kind of health system, with an aim to re-establish humanity in healthcare and a goal to transform healthcare as a whole. Iora Health’s care model provides extraordinary service to patients to ensure improved outcomes while lowering overall healthcare expenditures.

Rushika Fernandopulle, Co-Founder, and CEO of Iora Health confirm that their company had doubled the number of patients last year. Iora’s vision since the beginning is to revolutionize healthcare. Rushika further stated that the company still has to grow and care for more patient to have a genuinely transformative impact.

Compared to other countries, the US continues to spend on healthcare despite facing consistent adverse outcomes. This phenomenon emphasizes the importance of consumer-centric, value-based care.

Iora Health patients overall see a 40 percent decrease in hospitalizations and a 20 percent decrease in ER visits while also reporting high rates of satisfaction. Iora Health patients average a 90 Net Promoter Score.

Michael Greeley, General Partner at Flare Capital Partners and Board Member at Iora Health, said that the United States needs new solutions to replace the current unsuccessful healthcare present in the state. He stressed that Iora Health’s combination of a laser focus on the consumer, the ability to scale, and a very compelling economic value sets it apart from other ineffective systems.

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