How Fax to Email Can Make Your Business Green

The fax machine has a long history, having come a long way since its earliest predecessor was invented in the 1800s. But don’t count these communication tools dead yet. In fact, businesses in industries like healthcare and law still rely heavily on fax transmissions as a safe, quick way to get documents from one place to another.

But one major thing about fax machines has changed in recent years. Instead of having a dedicated machine in an office, many businesses now use fax-to-email software to send and receive these messages. In addition to the convenience of getting faxes on your favorite device, you’ll also reduce your business’s carbon footprint, benefiting the planet as a whole. Here are a few ways fax to email can help your business achieve its goals for environmental friendliness.

Reduce Expenses

When you fax online, you keep the cost of that communication low. Whether you’re receiving or sending, the documents go directly from or to your computer, with no resources required on your end. Instead of creating a document, printing it, and putting it into a document feeder, you’ll be able to simply attach a document and hit send. When a fax comes through, you can download the file to your computer without ever having to print the item out.

Since you’re eliminating paper and ink with the entire process, you’ll cut your online fax expenses by as much as 80 percent, which is money you can put toward other areas. In addition, you and your coworkers will save the time you would have spent printing documents and standing by the fax machine, waiting for that confirmation page. That extra time can be spent working on tasks that can help your business make money. If you need to distribute your faxes to other team members, you can simply forward them rather than scanning them to email or printing copies to hand out at a meeting, saving even more time and paper.

Free Up Office Space

Most businesses today strive to make the most of every square inch of space they have. An old fax machine takes up space on a table, and that area can be allocated to other things. You can create an extra desk or even put in a new copier or printer for everyone to share. If you ever need to relocate, your software-based fax service means you’ll no longer need to move your fax machine from the old location to the new one.

The machine itself isn’t the only space hog you’ll eliminate. All of those printed-out faxes must be filed somewhere, which often means having at least a small file cabinet. If your business is like many others, you likely have been looking for ways to reduce that paper storage, even investing in document management solutions to make your files more manageable. Fax-to-email services make it easy to download and save any important documents, usually without ever needing a paper copy at all.

Protect Landfills

Fax machines pose a serious problem for the nation’s landfills. The equipment, parts, and ink required to print all of those faxes eventually need to be disposed of properly. Unfortunately, most landfills ban electronic equipment like fax machines and the ink required to print the information are bad for the environment when discarded, as well. Fax to email keeps ink and fax machines out of landfills, which not only protects the environment, but it also saves your business from having to deal with trying to dispose of them.

The work you’re doing to keep your business eco-friendly can also be used to boost your public profile. Make sure you let customers know that you’re committed to running a green business, as well as the work you’re doing to make that happen. You can include your efforts to go paperless that include solutions like fax to email. Your customers may be inspired to follow your lead and implement these changes in their own daily lives.

Making the switch to fax to email can be both good for the environment and better for your business’s bottom line. Instead of wasting paper and time on paper-based communications, you can consolidate everything on your own devices, eliminating the need to scan pages in so that you’ll have them in electronic form.

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