Internet-Based Companies Advertise The New Samsung Slow-Mo Capture

Samsung Slow-Mo Capture

Two major Internet-based companies advertise the features in the new S9 and S9+, presenting the slow-mo capture in the presentation of videos.

BuzzFeed and The Dodo come together as a force in promoting Samsung’s new set of phones, specifically S9 and S9+. The main point of the campaign was to stress out the super slow-mo feature of the phones, putting additional tags such as #withGalaxy and #SuperSlowMo. 

The promotion of the S9 and S9+ guarantees a possible reciprocal production between the companies regarding content, and the Samsung phone corporation using additional profit from additional consumers.

The S9 and S9+ gave a promising rating from DxOMark’s conditions and grading merit and earned a valuable spot as having the highest quality amongst recent phone releases. It garnered the highest score amongst all smartphones presented and established itself with high-tech lighting performance and a substantial 960 FPS filming capacity. 

This looks promising to avid users, giving a quality of professional capabilities in the small handheld device. The other specifications indicated were gathered to the potentially record-breaking performance, more likely aiding the overall performance of the camera itself.

In the advertisement by BuzzFeed, it is clarified as a platform mostly taking note of technological trends and other new products that are similarly relevant to current day trends. In a significant effort to confirm the use of the product, the company started off with a slight review that focused on the specifications that have been provided by the new product. 

Overall, the performance of the phone was delivered to be good. Along with the new promotion from the review, BuzzFeed continues with series that are openly promoting with the tags indicating the use of the newly released Galaxy phone.

In a similar vein, The Dodo, a primary animal-person advocate group that is commonly seen on Facebook feeds and other social media maintain same advertising tags along with the presentation of the videos that follow with the media that is presented. Whether it be with cute animals or any other animal advocating flicks, The Dodo has started on the run of the tags,

Overall, the central proposition between the companies was to gain more significant exposure regarding the usage of the devices. It may appeal to a more considerable amount of users in a possible free-form advertisement in daily experiences and other such moments that can be captured by the more excellent lens that has been provided by the handheld device that is yet to be taken by any viewer.

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