More Collaborations With Disney, Says Dolby Cinema

Dolby Cinema and Disney Partnership

Dolby Cinema announces more film collaborations with major media giant Disney.

Dolby Cinema continuously pursues an ongoing collaboration with big movie corporations such as Disney in an attempt to perpetuate proper presentation within movie theaters, and other movie platforms that require the helping hand of Dolby manipulated film rendering. 

In line, the usage of Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision in the production of the films, bordering on an excellent aural sound along with the proper setting for the viewership of upcoming films that the digital company and the corporation would develop and screen together. It is expected that the two companies will be producing more movies all throughout.

The setup of Dolby theaters is primarily focused on creating an atmosphere that is more surreal among users. This applies to the selection that follows in the new lineup of movies that are set to film along the theater productions. 

As of recent, they are to aid with new movies such as The Incredibles 2 and Solo: A Star Wars Movie. These are works that have been highlighted with the Dolby effects that are provided for optimum experience – Dolby thus makes more acclaim out of the 160+ titles that it has a hold on.

Dolby promises to provide more quality rendered film products, in cooperation with Disney and other significant media areas like Lucasfilm; this highly encourages public around the premiere stages upon release in Dolby cinemas all around. 

Audiences are expected to retain a higher sense of experience within the surround sound of Atmos and Vision, collaborating with premieres in Dolby Cinemas everywhere. It is supposed to anticipate more films put under the duress of the refinement in Dolby.

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