Starbucks Eliminating Racial Biases – Commenced Training Among Employees

Starbucks Racial Biases Training

In light of recent events regarding racial bias upon service, Starbucks has been put under the spotlight. The question remains on whether or not proper conduct can be made through training.

Starbucks has been put on fire after the unjust arrest of two black men in Philadelphia, who Starbucks employees reported being “trespassing.” Groups of people around the area filed a major complaint calling out Starbucks, saying that the black men did nothing wrong. 

The event was made viral, and the company put out a statement apologizing for the incident. Instead of much other reprimanding, the company then closed stores all across the USA to perform anti-racial bias training.

A statement was put forward by the CEO on their online page, mentioning said plans to train the workers in time to make the environment in Starbucks right and line to its vision and mission in service. 

Still, the damage was done enough to have the hashtag #BoycottStarbucks trending as quickly as it can, reaching the feeds of millions of people. 

The reparation to be made by the company pushed forward to close thousands of stores all across the country for an afternoon to properly train the workers that they required under their service.

The bias training attempts to coordinate among the employees through a paced thinking; still, bias training is a very fine line, and the results are still yet to openly overcome the future expected yield in the performance of the Starbucks employees to their customers. 

While it may be of good on a conscious level, it remains inconclusive as to whether or not the bias can be taken out entirely. Still, it is the start of everything else in an attempt to control the performing behavior.

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