The Possible End Of The Flint Water Crisis

Flint Water Crisis

Summary: The ongoing crisis since 2014 has progressed to more problems over time, with further water donations soon to be taken away.

The Flint Water Crisis has been going around for years, almost going by unnoticeably by most of the public while the nature of the problem aroused from earlier on with the decline of the economic status of the Flint county. 

With the budget having a significant decline sooner into 2011, there has been little maintenance down around the supply within the area. There was a switch from the water sources, but with the pipes deteriorating within a small period, the lead from the pipes, in turn, contaminated the water.

For a period, donations were being put in turn for the community, but as of recent, Michigan’s governor called for a halt to the contributions being delivered. 

They have indicated that the water in Flint has been restored to be a potable water source. The statements have then proceeded with proposed continuous efforts in aiding and promoting the health of those afflicted throughout the crisis.

The reparations remain to be done, as the efforts come forward to repairing the process with the goal of finishing by January 2020.

Despite the broadcast of the governor, there remains a clamor within the residents of Flint that actively protest against the verdict made by the governor, stating that the water is yet to be fixed. 

Statements claim that the sources still require remediation with a particular call for the crisis between the residents of Flint and the supposed dry origin of which the residents garner their water from.

Residents believe that the water may still find a long-term before a proper fix as the corroded portion of the pipes may continually be there unless treated adequately by the governing body presiding over the Flint Water Crisis case. In turn, more testing will be done on the affected children.

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