An Update To Net Neutrality – Left In Oblivion?

Updates on Net Neutrality

Summary: Net neutrality has almost been forgotten by the public, but does anyone still know what is going on?

The issue regarding the removal of net neutrality in the United States was initially brought to an end back in 2014 when the federal appeals court turned the rules down set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). 

Back in 2017, there was another repeal to have it taken down again, and through more votes the proposal of the FCC won through. 

Net neutrality, a principle that shows unbiased viewing for all sites and the like, has been set since earlier on through the 2000’s but has gone again to dangerous waters as it was set to be removed by the 23rd of April this year.

Net neutrality was still in rough waters as the new proposition was then won back in 2017. There happens to be a show of the effects as of the current day, and there are more of the impact to follow should it finally be passed ultimately. 

The more significant portion of it is to appeal to the higher corporations which in turn allows only a specific amount of data to be released to the public within different servers at a time. 

For some, this may require much higher pay for whatever content they intend to view. It should be divulged that the vote was coming close to the majority for the repeal in the removal of Net Neutrality.

Whatever may take effect on the 23rd of April has been anticipated by most viewers, but for the more substantial part, the critics of the action taken by the FCC mostly focus on the apparent attack against supposed classes and information that would be controlled at the end of the day.

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