The Attack Towards A Sheltered Area Within Douma Caused Destabilization in Syria

Bombing in Syria destabalized the government

Summary: The recent attack towards a small community within the Syrian government.

There has been an attack in a sheltered area within Douma, a rebel-held compound, having killed at least 30 or so individuals, with several reports indicating that among the casualties were women and children. 

This has broken the initial agreement between the Syrian government at par with the rebels. While the rebel group, Jaysh Al-Islam, initially brought down a surrender against the government offensive, they lay claim that in retaliation to the agreement. 

They proposed against it by the terms that their stance aligned with Russia that offers an opportunity of preventing casualties within the community at the end of the line.

While there was recently an agreement to have the Douma rebels evacuate to northern Syria (in hopes to limit casualties,) there has been a take back that tries to not retract the situation, leaving the area still captive and absent of proper governance while the rebel faction maintain their stance not to put down opportunities for the inner community remaining within the region.

The news going about the area is that the contamination within it was heavily deliberated by the Syrian government, and by some claims by the opposing party. It was an act greatly purported by President Bashar al-Assad. This does strike heavily on further criticism by other foreign embassies that show their response toward the incident.

Even President Trump posted his distaste from the news that arrived, taking the blame to the Russian President Vladimir Putin, addressing it as if Putin was making a move with “Animal Assad.” 

In a way, this elevates the perspective of most foreign leaders on the current situation that has been happening to the residents of Syria as of the past few days, in correlation to the war ongoing since 2011.

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