It’s Time To Stop The Prevalence Of Rape Culture In India

The quest to stop rape culture

Summary: Rape culture has not pegged itself down from India’s culture.

Rape culture, by definition, is a culture that shows sexual assault and related scenarios in a trivialized way, thereby normalizing and accepting rape as a regular basis. 

It has been a prevalent portion of society that is growing to be more problematic as communities grow to normalize the act and nature of it, and some cultures may be more evident in displaying this portion of society. A country that is majorly involved in such cases is India.

India has been having a series of problems about its gender equality, mostly concerning with sexual assault and other forms of harassment that in turn indict harm towards people of the female gender. 

There has been a series of comments made on it, continuously tackling how victim blaming and other areas further aggravating the situation. 

More and more cases fly off the shelves and up into the scrutiny of the government, and while gender equality may be a concept to preach within communities. In places such as Haryana, it can even be implied that sexual assault or rape is consensual.

Statistics do keep flying years on, showing roughly close to two hundred rape cases a day back in 2017. Other figures indicate that it is likely a woman is being raped every fifteen minutes. 

India has been observed to take cultural root to conservative thoughts on women’s roles in the society, despite supposed progress in the possible goals that a woman may achieve in her time within the country. 

Women still find issues in regards to seeing autonomy within the community, with some regulations in regards to laws made to protect them failing in doing so.

Highly sensationalized cases still need their updates on the agenda, such as that of the claims for Kunan Poshpora rapes and the rape of an interning student back in 2012. 

There still leads sharp criticism from the certain organizations and foreign parties that take a view of this crisis in India. It has become a time where a woman’s clothes, and even just a smile, could be a dangerous move for her.

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