Another Sex Ad Site Was Taken Down – Founder Apprehended Removed

Summary: founder slammed and convicted by the Feds as the site was readily taken down under the cause of sexual transactions permitted through it. has had prolific lore that pertained to it not only being a site that openly exchanged goods and transactions between individuals but also a place that endorses human trafficking (and whatever else service that was mostly based of sexual nature.) 

Just recently, it has been shut down by US authorities under said actions that have in turn been put under these charges, thus going back from the case that has been evaded since last year.

Court rulings have been on the tail of the founder, Michael Lacey, even as he evaded charges back in 2017. 

It was prompted that he could not be held liable for transactions and postings done on his site. Thereby, also concluding recent immunity granted onto his site, 

Further action was yet to make the founders liable for damages and trauma did to victims (minors and the like.)

Along with shutting down the page followed the apprehension of the founders, Lacey and Larkin, and the standing CEO of, Carl Ferrer. 

Further action taken here is the implementation of additional laws against human trafficking. Senator Heidi Heitkamp has taken statements correlating to the incident as a start to eliminating major trafficking platforms.

 The site, which has garnered $135 million of revenue, came to a close and any user who tries to access it will be met with no usable data.

What is left of the site remains to be a picture that says that the US authorities and further statements are yet to be made on the conclusion of the case at hand. Every other site in line with has also been taken down respectively.

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