Taco Bell Hopes Expansion In Australia

Taco Bell in Australia

Famous American fast food chain, Taco Bell, is considering to expand massively in Australia. The company opened its first restaurant in Brisbane back in November of last year. 

President of Taco Bell International, Liz Williams has confirmed that the response it received from its first restaurant in Brisbane is more than what the company had expected initially.

She expressed that sales from this outlet are way higher as compared to Taco Bells in other single unit stores. Liz also revealed that due to the overwhelming response it got from the Australian customers, the company is now under discussion with franchises to speed up the expansion process in Australia.

In an interview, Williams said that the Australian market could possibly be the most prominent market for Taco Bell in the coming years.

The United States food market has become very competitive, and restaurant chains are competing for each other to gain a share of the pie.

Restaurants are offering massive discounts and introducing new menus to expand their customer base. One of the most famous food brands in the United States is YUM. The fast-food chain is expected to open around 100 new stores outside the US.

Last year, YUM opened 77 new stores outside the United States; a testament proving that food chains are eyeing for global market expansion.

Brazil, Canada, and India are the preferred locations for opening new restaurants as these markets are emerging with high population and a growing middle class with high disposable incomes.

Meanwhile, according to NPD Group, it was revealed that the overall restaurant traffic in the U.S has remained unchanged from 2016. In 2017, Taco Bell opened more than 200 restaurants in the United States.

Taco Bell’s Australia menu includes quesadillas, nachos, burritos, margaritas, and beers. The restaurant also sells fries with different toppings including salsa, meat, and sour cream.

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