17-year old Boy in India has 232 Teeth Extracted

232 Teeth Extracted

A 17-year old boy in India had 232 teeth extracted in a seven-hour long surgery.

Ashik Gavai sought medical help for swelling on the right side of his lower jaw, something he had been suffering from for 18 months. He travelled to the city from his village after local doctors failed to identify the cause of the problem.

He was finally referred to the city’s JJ hospital, where they found he was suffering from a condition known as complex odontoma, said head of dentistry Sunanda Dhivare-Palwankar.

A series of tests and examinations suggested a rare abnormal growth affecting the second molar on the lower right side of his jaw.

“Initially, it was not very clear what it could be and so we decided to go in for surgery,” said Dhivare-Palwankar. As the surgery progressed, the team had tiny teeth popping out of that abnormal molar, which was measuring around 3.5X2 cm, or the size of a large marble.

“We operated on Monday and it took us almost seven hours. We thought it may be a simple surgery but once we opened it there were multiple pearl-like teeth inside the jaw bone,” she said. “At the final count, we had a total of 232 small pearls, all independently developing as teeth, coming out of that lone molar.”

There was also another hard, rock-like formation inside the affected tooth in Ashik’s mouth which could not be removed by a dentist’s drill. “We had to resort to the age-old, now outdated, ‘chisel-mallet’ procedure to break down that hard formation as it was putting immense pressures on the jaw bone and surrounding healthy teeth,” she explained.

ENT surgeon Dr Vandana Thorawade said during the surgery, they ensured that the patient’s face symmetry did not change. “The bone around which the tumour was attached had become brittle and thin. That was the only complication. We could not let that bone break and so we slowly removed one tooth after another,” Thorawade added.

The dentist described the condition as a ‘developmental anomaly’, which had affected that particular molar at its formation stage in Ashik’s younger age, probably in the post-milk teeth years.

India doctors remove 232 teeth from boy’s mouth

A 17-year old boy in India had 232 teeth extracted in a seven-hour long surgery.

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