What time does the Super Bowl start? XLIX Kickoff is 6:30pm EST

When is Super Bowl Kick Off Time

Everyone wants to know what time is the Super Bowl 2015 game? The Super Bowl XLIX will be starting after all the pre-game coverage tonight at 6:30pm EST, 5:30pm CST, 4:30pm MST, 3:30pm PST in the United States on NBC. For those with an HDTV you’ll be able to get the broadcast in 1080p / 1080i for crystal clear quality of the University of Phoenix stadium through Antenna.

NBC has really pulled out the stops this year by providing a major online portal to access all kinds of Super Bowl XLIX coverage, behind the scenes and player conversation. You can get your social fix by using the NBC Sports Super Bowl All Access Sunday Night Football page. There are five major sections for following social interactions from live photos from Instragram, Twitter and more. The five sections are ALL Social Streams, Experts Social Stream, SB XLIX Social Stream, Teams Social Stream and Players Social streams.

Currently listed under the Players Social Stream from NBC Sports for the last hour there are tweets with photos & commentary from players Twitter IDs like: @DAnnyAmendola, @Kam_Chancellor, @DougBaldwinJr, @Edelman11, @Coby, @SteveJohnson13, @DangeRussWilson, @LarryFitzgerald and more.

There is also a helpful SuperBowl What’s Trending section that allows you to see what’s the most talked about things at the moment. Currently it lists Marshawn Lynch with 2761 mentions, Tom Brady with 2,572 mentions and Richard Sherman with 1984 mention. Social hashtags it lists as currently hot are #nfl, #superbowl, #superbowlxlix, #seahawks, #patriots, #football, #sb49, #superbowlsunday, #nfluk, #49ers.

Super Bowl Kick Off Countdown Clock:

Other things you’ll find at the NBC Super Bowl special ALL access page are things like Behind The Scenes. The top behind the scenes videos right now are Pro Football Talk’s Super Bowl XLIX picks, Ten with Tafoya: Wagner leads in his own way, Ten with Tafoya: Vereen on selflessness of RB corps, Breaking down Seattle’s read-option offense and How does Tom Brady quickly adjust to pressure.

Beyond that, you should be able to stream live NFL Super Bowl coverage with the Stream Live Now access pass for free. The main hashtags for tracking the SuperBowl in this section is #SB49. SNFonNBC Instagram photos are also shared in realtime from coverage all around Phoenix, the game, players and fans.

Outside of game coverage there is a dedicated page to all of the Super Bowl XLIX ads that that are featured this year on Super Bowl 49 as well as years past commercials. If you missed a commercial you can watch it here.

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