Great Dane Eats 44 Socks, Wins 3rd Place in Contest

Great Dane Eats 43 Socks

Vets at Northwest Portland’s the DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital removed nearly 44 socks from a 3-year old Great Dane’s stomach.

After repeatedly vomiting and retching, the Great Dane’s owner took him to the DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital. They took X-rays and found what was described as “a lot of foreign material in his stomach,” said Shawna Harch, the hospital’s communications specialist.

Whatever happened to be this “foreign material” the dog’s stomach couldn’t digest it and that meant surgery.

In an almost two-hour surgery, Dr. Ashley Magee had the answer of what the material was, the dog had consumed 43 1/2 socks.

“We opened up his stomach and kept removing sock after sock of all different shapes and sizes,” Dr. Ashley Magee at DoveLewis Animal Hospital in Portland, Oregon.

A source close to the hospital said: “It was just incredible. Over the years we’ve seen animals swallow all manner of things but nothing like this before. He had a collection inside him any sock shop would be proud of.”

They went on to say, “The operation went very smoothly and he has made a full recovery. The owners were unsure how he kept getting them but because of his height it was plausible he was helping himself to the top drawer.”

“When the hospital finally counted how many socks he had swallowed it was 43 and a half so somewhere in the house is a toe or heel he just didn’t fancy.”

The vet clinic submitted the X-rays to the annual “They Ate WHAT?” contest by Veterinary Practice News, a magazine for vets, and won the $500 third prize, losing out to a frog who ate 30 ornamental rocks from the bottom his cage and a German shorthaired pointer who swallowed a metal shish kabob skewer.

The Great Dane is doing just fine. He was home a day after his surgery.

Great Dane Eats 44 Socks

44 socks were found in the stomach of a Great Dane.

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