Southern California Beaches Braces For Impact From Hurricane Marie

Seal Beach California

Southern California beach towns are bracing themselves for the impact from Hurricane Marie spinning off Mexico’s Pacific coast.

Hurricane Marie, a Category 2 storm located about 550 miles southwest of Mexico’s Baja California, will generate the big swells even though it is moving away from the U.S. West Coast the National Weather Service weather said.

The National Weather Service says beaches stretching 100 miles up the Southern California coast would see large waves and rip currents. Swimmers and surfers were urged to be aware of the dangerous conditions.

High surf is expected to be between 8 and 10 feet, but has the potential of reaching up to 15 feet, said Dave Bruno, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

“This is not a run-of-the-mill surf event,” he said. “Everybody should stay out of the water.”

The Orange County Fire Authority brought in dozens of work crews to lay down sandbags in order to protect homes. High tide expected to come in at 11am, and there are fears there could be yet another big surge.

Seal Beach is already seeing flooding from the waves. Seal Beach Marine Safety Chief Joe Bailey said crews were trying to dig a channel to allow water that had breached a beach wall to drain back into the ocean.

Long Beach residents in the low lying peninsula area on Ocean Blvd are preparing for high tides and swells to hit the area which is prone to flooding.

Long beach parks officials have been working to build sand berms to protect waterfront property that may be threatened by Hurricane Marie.

Marine safety Cheif Randy Foster says “these berms are higher and thicker than ever before. We are taking every precaution and also giving out sandbags to residents. We anticipate waves as high as 12 feet today and tomorrow but we think we are prepared.”

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