Teacher in Arizona Accused of Being Drunk During School

Kathleen Jardine

Kathleen Jardine, a teacher at Poston Butte High School in Arizona was cited for consumption of alcohol in public and could face disorderly conduct charges after she admitted to drinking in her classroom during lunch on Wednesday.

The investigation began when a student in Jardine’s math class called the school office to report that Jardine was intoxicated and yelling at students.

Kathleen Jardine blew a 0.205 on a breathalyzer test after officials arrived at the school, according to Sgt. Pat Ramirez, a Pinal County Sheriff’s Office spokesman.

At first, Jardine denied drinking any alcohol, but she later admitted she had been drinking Tuesday night, Wednesday morning and Wednesday during her lunch break, according to Ramirez.

She told the deputy that she took a taxi to school because she was afraid that she was too drunk to drive.

A school security officer searched Jardine’s purse and discovered a half full 750 ml bottle of Fleischmann’s Vodka, an empty single serving size bottle of Beringer white wine and a half full bottle of Sunny D.

The school resource deputy interviewed six of the student witnesses from the class. They reported she was intoxicated, yelling at students and cursing.

“Learning math can be hard enough, I can’t imagine trying to learn it from a drunk teacher,” said Sheriff Paul Babeu. “This is not the first time teacher Kathleen Jardine has been intoxicated in the classroom.”

Jardine has a history of showing up intoxicated to teach, according to Sheriff Paul Babeu. Jardine was fired from a school in New Mexico in 2011 due to a similar circumstance, he said.

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