Woman Dies on US Airways Redeye Flight to Phoenix from Honolulu

Woman Dies on Plane

A woman passenger on an US Airways flight to Phoenix from Honolulu died after a suffering an unknown medical emergency.

The incident happened on US Airways Flight 693, an overnight “redeye” flight that left Honolulu Tuesday night before arriving in Phoenix shortly around 7 a.m,. local time. The plane was a Boeing 757, according to US Airways.

The airport was notified of the emergency during the descent of U.S. Airways flight 693 into Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, said Matt Miller, a spokesman for U.S. Airways.

Phoenix Fire Department responded to a call from Sky Harbor.

Fire Capt. Benjamin Santillan said the unidentified woman apparently lost consciousness while the plane was en route to Phoenix.

Santillan tells AP that the woman had no pulse and was pronounced dead by a team of first responders that met the plane on arrival in Phoenix.

The woman had “some sort of medical event” that caused the emergency, said Phoenix Fire Department Capt. Mark Vanacore, an agency spokesman.

No other details were immediately available.

The cause of death has not been released.

The woman is said to be in her 50’s.

Even though they are rare, in-flight deaths are reported on commercial airline flights each year.

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