17-Year Old Raped During Keith Urban Concert at Xfinity Center in MA

Keith Urban Concert

A 17-year old girl was allegedly raped during a Keith Urban concert at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield, Massachusetts.

The suspect, 18-year-old Sean Murphy of Boston pleaded innocent in Attleboro District Court to rape, an incident he claims was a consensual encounter with the 17-year-old girl.

Murphy has been charged with one count of rape, according to police. “Thanks to concerned patrons, the female victim was removed from the area and they assisted her in getting her help and reuniting her with her friends,” police said.

Sean Murphy

The defendant and the girl did not know each other, but met for the first time at the concert, according to police.

The two began kissing near a concession stand before moving to the lawn area of the amphitheater.

Murphy allegedly took the girl’s hand and led her away from her friends to another section of the lawn, promising to bring her back.

Assistant District Attorney Melissa Tafe said the girl told police she went with the defendant because “she was afraid of what would happen” if she didn’t go.

The police report states that 18-year-old Sean Murphy and the victim had both been drinking during the show.

When one women asked the girl if she consented and the girl said no, she pushed Murphy off the victim.

The suspect then fled into the crowd. Witnesses gave police a description of the suspect and closed the venue’s gates as they searched for him, according to the police statement. Police located and arrested Murphy.

“Put simply, this was a consensual act, not a sexual assault,” Murphy’s lawyer said in a statement. “There are no allegations of force or violence against him. This was a private act that regrettably occurred in a public place. Murphy deeply regrets this incident and I am sure the young woman does as well. The young woman was neither intoxicated nor overcome by drugs at the time. Murphy has no criminal history whatsoever.”

Digital evidence from witnesses’ cellphones documenting the alleged assault is being examined by police as part of the investigation.

Murphy pleaded innocent and is expected to post $10,000 cash bail with a court date set for September 25.

The attack happened the same night dozens of concertgoers were arrested or treated for alcohol poisoning during the Keith Urban show at the Xfinity Center.

Ambulances from all over the area had to come help bring 46 concertgoers to 22 hospitals, mostly with alcohol problems last Saturday.

Boston Man Rapes 17 Year Old Girl at Keith Urban Concert

A Boston man was accused of raping a 17-year-old girl he met at a Keith Urban concert over the weekend. Murphy pleaded not guilty to charges of forcible rape at a court hearing on Monday.

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