Hot Air Balloon Crashes into Power Lines in Massachusetts, 5 Hurt

Hot Air Balloon Crash

A hot air balloon crashed into power lines over the weekend in Massachusetts, injuring the five people on board.

“A Colt Balloon was attempting to land in a residential area near Clinton, MA when it struck a power line and caught on fire today at 7:40 p.m.,” the Federal Aviation Administration released in a statement. “Please contact local authorities for information on the passengers. The FAA will investigate. All information is preliminary and subject to change.”

Hot Air Balloon Accident

Five of six people in the balloon have varying degrees of burns, ranging from minor to serious, according to Firefighter Pat Parker.

National Transportation Safety Board spokesman Keith Holloway said seven people were on board the pink- and purple-checkered balloon. Clinton Hospital spokeswoman Jodie Grady said three people were brought to the emergency room. One was treated and released and two others transferred to another medical facility.

Witnesses tell the local TV station there was a huge explosion when the balloon hit the power lines. One witness, Bob King, tells the station he was surprised the balloon riders survived. He says he thought “they were gone.”

The balloon is registered to Derald Earle Young, 66, of Damn Yankee Balloons in Dixfield, Maine, Federal Aviation Administration records show. Raspberry Ripple was due to fly in next month’s Crown of Maine Balloon Festival in Presque Isle.

David Graves, spokesman for National Grid, said about 600 customers lost power, in some cases for a few hours.

The crash is under investigation with the FAA now involved.

On Sunday, a company with a truck labeled Damn Yankee Balloons, of Dixfield, Maine, carted off the balloon basket.

Hot Air Balloon Hits Power Lines in Clinton, MA

A hot air balloon crashed into power lines in Massachusetts Saturday, but only minor injures have been reported, an official told CBS News.

Hot air balloon crash caught on video

The balloon was trying to land in a residential area Saturday when it hit power lines.

Hot Air Balloon Explodes As It Hits Power Lines

Hot Air Balloon Power Line crash Five hurt Massachusetts ‘Balloon crash’ Five people were injured after a hot air balloon knocked into electrical wires, caught fire and landed in a residential.

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