Ex-Miss Delaware Files $3 Million Lawsuit Against the Miss America Organization

Amanda Longacre

Amanda Longacre, Ex-Miss Delaware, who lost her pageant crown because she was deemed too old to compete, reportedly has filed a $3 million lawsuit against the state pageant officials and the Miss America organization.

The lawsuit seeks $3 million in damages – $2.5 million for the class of contestants certified to compete then disqualified, and $500,000 for her – along with restoration of her titles as Miss Pike Creek and Miss Delaware. She also seeks the full year’s reign in the state, restoration of her scholarships and an age waiver so she can compete for Miss America in September in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

“This case has no merit and we will vigorously defend it,” said the Miss America Organization in a brief statement, Miss Delaware Scholarship Organization spokeswoman Carolyn Nelson said Wednesday night that the group would have no comment on the lawsuit.

The suit details more than 20 appearances Longacre made, cites her additional fundraising for the organization and the facts that she suspended work on her master’s degree in social work at University of Pennsylvania for a year, cut her work to part-time and ended internship programs as required by the Miss Delaware organization to fulfill her duties.

The suit also names others pageant winners disqualified after competing, contends the pageant organizations knowingly recruit ineligible contestants to boost dwindling participation, take advantage of them for fundraising and appearances, then disqualify them.

The lawsuit also said she lost potential career enhancements such as television and guest appearances, also that she had to spend more than $4,500 on expenses such as a voice coach, clothing, hair and makeup.

Her suit also asks the court to require the pageants to make age requirements clear on their websites and to all potential contestants.

Amanda Longacre was stripped of the Miss Delaware title last month after officials with the national Miss America organization discovered she would turn 25 in October, a violation of the contract pageant officials say Longacre signed prior to the June 14 Miss Delaware pageant that stipulated she would not turn 25 before Dec. 31, 2014.

When Longacre was disqualified, first-runner up Brittany Lewis was elevated to be Miss Delaware and national competition that gives each contestant a $3,000 scholarship for participating.

Miss Delaware Amanda Longacre Today Show Interview

Miss Delaware Amanda Longacre Today Show Interview 6-30-14.

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