Prostitute Charged with Manslaughter for Killing Google Exec, Forrest Hayes with Heroin

Forrest Hayes

An alleged prostitute was charged with manslaughter for injecting Forrest Hayes, a Google executive with heroin and then leaving him to die of an overdose on his 50-foot yacht in the Santa Cruz harbor last November.

Forrest Hayes, 51-years old, was found dead by the captain of his Escape yacht last November. At the time, his obituary described him as a beloved husband and father of five who enjoyed spending time with his family and on his boat.

Detectives were able to put together such a detailed account of his death because of video surveillance inside the yacht, police said.

“She showed no regard for him,” Santa Cruz Deputy Police Chief Steve Clark told reporters Tuesday. “She was just trying to cover her tracks.”

Surveillance footage from the yacht shows everything, police said. “Rather than provide first aid or call 911, Ms. Tichelman proceeds to gather her belongings including the heroin and needles,” Santa Cruz Police Deputy Chief Steve Clark said, adding that Tichelman stepped over Hayes’ body several times.

“She was so callous that in gathering her things, she was literally stepping over the body and at one point stepped over the body to grab a glass of wine and finish the glass of wine,” Clark told ABC’s San Francisco owned station KGO-TV.

She swallowed the last of a glass of wine, lowered a blind and walked back on the dock to shore, police said.

Santa Cruz Deputy Police Chief Steve Clark told The Associated Press on Wednesday that Hayes had hired Tichelman before, and that their November 23rd encounter “was a mutually consensual encounter including the introduction of the heroin.”

At court Wednesday in Santa Cruz, Alix Tichelman, 26-years old was charged with manslaughter, administering heroin to another person, administering bodily harm, moving heroin across county lines, possession of heroin, destroying or concealing evidence, and prostitution. A public defender asked that her arraignment in the death of Hayes be postponed until July 16.

She did not enter a plea Wednesday when she appeared in the courtroom in a red jailhouse jumpsuit. She is being held on $1.5 million bail.

Prostitute charged with manslaughter in former Google executive’s death

Alix Tichelman was charged in connection with the mysterious death of former Google executive Forrest Hayes. Investigators say the aspiring model, writer and makeup artist shot him up with heroin and watched as he died.

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