Migaloo, the White Whale Spotted in Australia

Migaloo Humpback Whale

Whale-cruise operators in Port Stephens, Australia were alerted by local residents that Migaloo, the white whale had been spotted at Birubi Point, then Boat Harbour.

Migaloo, meaning “White Fella,” captured the world’s attention because it is such a rare sight. It is an “extremely rare albino whale,” reports Fox News and it was seen for the first time this year off the coast of Australia. This makes the third year in a row that the white whale has been spotted during his migration journey.

“I know from Byron Bay to the Gold Coast, the last week of June to the first week of July is that two-week window where he’ll go past,” experts said.

“Now’s the time down there in Eden (in New South Wales), down the south coast and Illawarra to get out there over the next couple of weeks, you’ll have a good chance of spotting him.”

Migaloo makes his annual migration to the breeding grounds off the Great Barrier reef with a journey that starts in Antarctica. Oskar Peterson from the White Whale Research Center said that Migaloo is “giving us all quite a parade this year.”

“He’s been around for quite a while and he cruises up and down the east coast of Australia every year, but some years he goes missing in action so to speak,” Peterson said.

The White Whale Research Center confirmed the sighting and a video of the whale was captured on a cell phone as he swam along the Green Cape in New South Wales.

Peterson explains Migaloo “sort of glows in the water like a fluorescent blue.” He continued saying that Migaloo is “quite an amazing sight” to see!

It was thought Migaloo was the only white whale to be in the world until another white humpback whale was spotted in 2011.

The whale was first discovered in 1991 and it has been tracked by researchers since that time. Migaloo was first tracked as a juvenile and today the researchers believe the whale to be in his 20s.

White Humpback Whale Caught on Camera off Australia

One of the world’s rarest whales has been filmed in the ocean near Sydney bu Australian camera crews on Thursday. The all-white humpback called Migaloo is making his annual migration up the south coast.

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