World’s Oldest Man, Alexander Imich Dies at Age 111 in New York

Alexander Imich

The world’s oldest man, Alexander Imich died on Sunday in his New York City home at age 111.

Longtime friend Michael Mannion reported that Mr. Imich was highly agitated four days before his death. He was speaking Polish and Russian to spirits he felt were around him. He was treated with medication and died peacefully. He was not agitated just before dying.

Imich attributed his longevity to good genetics, proper nutrition and exercise and the fact that he and his wife, who died in 1986, did not have children, said his niece, Karen Bogen.

His tips for living forever included not having kids, always eating lightly, even though his favorites included ice cream, Ritz crackers, and chocolate, and not drinking. “Not like it’s the Nobel Prize,” he told the Times last month of his oldest man title.

Imich was born into a well-to-do secular Jewish family on Feb. 4, 1903, in Czestochowa in southern Poland, that was then part of Russia, a city known for its famous painting of the Black Madonna. His father owned a decorating business.

Imich and his wife escaped the Holocaust after the Nazis invaded in 1939. They moved to the United States in 1951.

Guinness World Records awarded Imich the title of oldest living man on May 8. The group is investigating the claim that 111-year-old Sakari Momoi of Japan is now the world’s oldest man, the Associated Press reported.

Imich became the world’s oldest validated male supercentenarian (those over 110), according to the Gerontology Research Group of Torrance, Calif., when the previous record-holder, Arturo Licata of Italy, died on April 24 at 111 years and 357 days. At the time, 66 women were officially older than Mr. Imich, with the oldest being 116.

The world’s oldest person is Japanese Misao Okawa, is 116. She was born in 1898.

The average life expectancy for American women is 81.92 years, according to 2014 government estimates. Men, on the other hand, live an average 77.11 years.

World’s Oldest Man Dies At 111 In New York

The world’s oldest man, Alexander Imich, died Sunday morning. He was 111.

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