Mono Mono Twins Born Holding Hands in Ohio, Go Home

Mono Mono Twins

The famous Mono-Mono twins who were photographed holding hands just moments after being born are going home in time for Father’s Day.

The twin girls, Jillian and Jenna, were born at Akron General Medical Center in Ohio; they were nicknamed the mono-mono twins after the discovery that they shared an amniotic sac. The twins’ rare birth condition is called monoamnioitic, or “mono mono.” Doctors say that occurs in about one of every 10,000 pregnancies.

Sarah Thistlethwaite spent two months on bed rest in the hospital to ensure that the twin girls would be born healthy.

While the mono mono twins were born seven weeks early, they quickly grew strong and healthy and doctors do not anticipate any complications from their early births. Doctors say they will likely continue to grow and be the same as other preemies.

Now the only complication is that the girls’ parents did not anticipate is not being able to tell them apart with their identical physical attributes.

“We can’t find any difference right now,” Thistlethwaite said. “We thought for sure it was Jenna, but it wasn’t … it was Jillian. I think we’re going to have to paint some toenails to keep them straight.”

The parents tested themselves on who was who but failed. For now, they are leaving the hospital ID tags on the girls until they can find a way to tell them apart.

The twins spent nearly a month in the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit gaining weight and getting stronger. At nearly 6 pounds now, they were cleared to be released from the hospital on Saturday, June 7.

Before that, Sarah and Bill Thistlethwaite, had been splitting their time at home with Jaxon, their 15-month old son, and the hospital 40 minutes away with the twins.

“It’s just nice to have everyone under the same roof,” Sarah Thistlethwaite told The Associated Press. “It was really stressful — you want to pay attention to the little one at home and you just gave birth to two little babies. It was a pull and a tear as to where to go.”

“We all came into the living room and everyone kind of relaxed and Jackson played with the toys and then looked at the girls,” Thistlethwaite told “Good Morning America.” “It was awesome to be in our own family group … with nothing hooked up to the girls.”

Rare ‘Mono Mono’ Twins Go Home

The Ohio twins that made national headlines are set to celebrate Father’s Day at home.

Mono Mono Twins Born Holding Hands

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Orrville mom delivers rare set of mono mono identical twin girls in Akron.

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