Tinder Adds Photo-Sharing Feature Called Moments

What is Tinder

Tinder, the new dating app is adding a SnapChat like feature called Moments.

Moments is a feature that lets users share annotated pictures with their matches, who can respond via chat, just like photos sent through Snapchat.

“Pictures will disappear within 24 hours,” co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Sean Rad said in an interview at the company’s office. With the new tool, Tinder wants “to help users to get to know their matches better.”

The Moments feature allows people to share special moments with each other, and thus connect in a more meaningful way.

The service, according to Tinder, mimics real-life moments. “Just like real life, the moments we experience start to fade, which is why every shared Tinder Moment can only be seen for 24 hours,” the company said in its announcement.

Here’s how it works: You can take a photo using the app, it will then be broadcast to all of your matches. Your matches can view your Moments by swiping right to “like” or left to “nope,” just as they would profiles. You can see which matches liked your moment and start chatting. When you go to the Matches tab within the app (which is separate from the discover tab, where you meet people), you can tap the camera icon and take a photo that will be sent to your matches.

“It’s about sharing these moments, and just because you match, doesn’t mean you need to date that person; you could match with a friend who you want to share a moment with.”

If one of your matches keeps sending you annoying or lame images, you can block their posts or report them to Tinder.

Tinder works by giving users a stack of potential matches and allowing them to swipe right or left to show their interest. If two users express mutual interest, then the app will connect them, allowing them to send each other messages.

Tinder reported Thursday that it matches more than 10 million people every day and is approaching 2 billion matches made. Last November, Tinder started allowing you to make lists of your matches.

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