Lauren Scruggs’ Accident Can’t Stop Love: Engaged to Jason Kennedy

Lauren Scruggs Engagement Ring

Lauren Scruggs is engaged to Jason Kennedy.

Lauren Scruggs, who lost her left hand and suffered severe facial injuries after walking into a plane propeller in December 2011, doubted she would ever find love.

“I was sure no guy would ever think I was attractive again, much less would want to marry me,” the former model and fashion blogger wrote in her book “Still LoLo: A Spinning Propeller, a Horrific Accident, and a Family’s Journey of Hope.”

The proposal took place on May 30 when E! News correspondent Jason Kennedy flew to Scruggs’s Texas hometown, before close friends and relatives. Walking out on a balcony, Scruggs saw a field where candles arranged by Kennedy spelled out the message, “Will you marry me?”

Lauren Scruggs Boyfriend

She went down to be with him, he presented her with a Jennifer Meyer diamond.

Kennedy Tweeted, “I flew to Dallas and asked her if she would spend the rest of her life with me. I love you @laurenscruggs.”

“I was crying badly,” Kennedy said. “I got down on a knee, asked her to marry me. Then she got down on a knee, and I put the ring on her finger.”

“It’s a blur but I can’t stop smiling,” Kennedy told E! “She told me I couldn’t surprise her, but I got her good. This is the best night of my life.”

“I walk in and my apartment is full of tulips, this little like path to the patio,” Scruggs describes the night to the Today Show. “He was outside in the grass, and there were just candles, spelling out ‘Will you marry me?’ And he was like, ‘Will you come down here? I want to ask you a question.’ I was just seriously shocked.”

“Possibly the best night of my life. I love you beyond,” Scruggs wrote on Instagram, while showing off her new engagement ring.

No wedding date has been announced.

Lauren Scruggs is Engaged to Jason Kennedy

Lauren Scruggs on engagement to E!’s Jason Kennedy: ‘I was seriously shocked’

Lauren Scruggs and Jason Kennedy Dating

After a terrible accident a year and a half ago, it seemed like Lauren Scruggs life would never be the same. But now it turns out, there’s a major bright side. She met a really hot guy and it looks like it’s the real deal. Lauren Scruggs is dating NBC and E! News’ Jason Kennedy.

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