Midori Green Sriracha Makes Huy Fong Foods Run For Their Money

Midori Green Sriracha

The famous red rooster Sriracha from Huy Fong Foods may have a run for their money. There’s a new Sriracha and it’s green.

Midori Sriracha, the first green Sriracha sauce in the country is based in New York by 6-month old specialty foods company Musashi Foods. They also sell a Japanese Spicy Mayo.

Midori Green Sriracha calls its sauce a “unique Japanese interpretation of the classic sauce.” Company president Gideon Sarraf told ABC News his creation is made from green chilies, which he called “a little hotter and more flavorful than jalapenos,” and rice vinegar, among other “natural ingredients.”

Sarraf also said his sriracha is thicker than the famous Huy Fong Foods red sauce.

After news broke about this new green Sriracha sauce, the company is now taking an order every two to three minutes, Sarraf said. On Amazon, sales are up 162,000 percent in just a few days, a number that “doesn’t even make any sense” he says.

Midori Sriracha and the Japanese spicy mayo are both available on Amazon and at musashifoods.com. The sriracha sauce is $4.99 for a 12 ounce bottle, and the spicy mayo is $5.49 for a 12-ounce bottle.

On the company website it states, “Midori Sriracha is made with all natural flavors and colors, contains no trans fats, no cholesterol, low total fat, and low sugar.”

The company is in talks with distributors and retailers. Sarraf said the goal is to get his product mainstreamed into supermarkets as soon as possible.

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