Missing Nebraska Boy Found Inside Bowling Alleys Claw Machine

Missing Lincoln Boy in Claw Machine

A 3-year old missing boy from Lincoln, Nebraska turned up inside of a Bowling Alley’s claw machine.

On Monday, the boy’s mother reported her son missing and said he had gotten out of their apartment while she was in the bathroom, said Katie Flood, spokeswoman for the Lincoln Police Department.

Police searched the area and were notified by a man that a boy was inside the claw machine across the street from their apartment at Madsen’s Bowling Alley and Billiards, Flood said.

The boy was uninjured and playing happily with the stuffed animals in the machine, said Katie Flood.

Madsen’s Bartender, Rachell Hildreth said, “I really don’t think he noticed any of us outside the machine because he was just picking up stuffed animals and putting them down where they come out of.”

Jim Lakey with VVS, the owner’s of the machine, came to the rescue, rushing to the bowling alley with the machine key.

The boy only could have gotten into the machine through the prize hole, reports KLKN-TV in Lincoln.

“You have to weave your way in and out so he had to work pretty hard to get in there,” explains Lakey, “I had heard about this happening in other parts of the country, it’s kind of a rarity.”

Police say no citations were issued to the mother because she acted quickly and appropriately, upon learning that her son was missing.

Missing Child Found Playing with Toys Inside Claw Machine

A 3-year-old boy from Lincoln, Nebraska reportedly left his home and walked to a local bowling alley where he climbed inside one of those machines where you use a mechanical claw to grab a toy prize.

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