Artist Creates Average Size Barbie, Lammily

Average Size Barbie

Barbie doesn’t reflect sizes of an average woman and has been getting criticism for it for many years.

An artist is finally taking measures into his own hands to change that. Last summer, Nickolay Lamm showed the world what Barbie would look like if she had the CDC measurements of an average 19-year-old woman’s body.

“A lot of people asked where they could buy normal Barbie,” Lamm told TIME. ”But no one could buy it because it didn’t exist.”

So, on Wednesday, Lamm launched a Kickstarter to raise $95,000 to begin production on the doll that has real woman’s proportions. The line is called Lammily and its tagline is: “Average is beautiful.”

Lamm has the help from former Vice President of manufacturing at Mattel Robert Rambeau to help find high quality manufacturers to get the doll done right.

In a recent interview with Fast Company, Barbie lead designer Kim Culmone defended Barbie’s ridiculous measurements, arguing not only that it wasn’t responsible for negative body images in young girls but also the measurements were necessary to get clothes on and off the doll’s body with ease.

“I’ve heard that argument before but I find it odd,” Lamm said. “There are female action figures who are full bodied, and clothes fit fine.”

The Lammily doll is designed with articulated wrists, knees, elbows and feet, natural-looking makeup and a casual wardrobe featuring denim shorts, sneakers and athletic gear.

“Most fashion dolls on the market are dressed like princesses or wear funky outfits,” Lamm told HuffPost. “I wanted Lammily to wear clothes that Gap or J. Crew might design. There’s no reason why simple everyday clothes design can’t be transferred to doll clothes.”

Lamm also told HuffPost that the doll is designed to appeal to parents and children. “The message about body image targets parents of daughters. Many young girls do not care about body image, they just want a fun doll to play with. This initial campaign is aimed more towards parents, but the future depends on young girls wanting to play with Lammily.”

Lamm went on to say, “I spent lots of time and research to create a doll which daughters are going to love. She isn’t just a doll with typical body proportions, she’s a fun doll which just happens to have typical body proportions. And everything from the packaging, to future ad campaigns, to future online interactive worlds, will be designed to appeal to kids.”

Lammily – Average is Beautiful

Average size Barbie.

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