Poisoned Meatballs Killing Dogs in San Francisco


Poisoned Meatballs Killing Dogs

Pet owners are being advised to be on alert for poisonous meatballs in the San Francisco Twin Peak area.

Twenty-one poisonous meatballs intended to kill dogs were found hidden in bushes and shrubs in the area of Crestline and Parkridge drives in the city’s Twin Peaks neighborhood Saturday morning, Animal Care & Control Volunteer Coordinator Deb Campbell said.

After a resident called Animal Care and Control Friday to report finding fragments of suspicious meatballs, the department sent an officer to search the area.

Lt. Denise BonGiovanni found the meatballs placed in carports, behind stairwells, along curbs and in hedges and bushes, studded with pieces of something solid. One resident gave her another she said she had taken from her dog before it had the chance to eat it.

“These were incredibly well-hidden,” BonGiovanni said.

“There’s a high probability they are poisoned,” Lt. Denise BonGiovanni told SF Gate. “They look very similar to the ones found last year.”

In July 2013, hundreds of poisoned meatballs were found in San Francisco. Two dogs had to go to the emergency room after ingesting the poisonous meatballs.

A dachshund named Oskar picked one off the street and started symptoms when his owner, Dorothy Schechter, took him home from his walk.

“The next thing we know, he started to seize and his back went up,” Schechter said. “I grabbed him and went to the vet.” Oskar later died.

Pet owners are being advised to keep cats indoors and dogs on a short leash until the situation is resolved.

The San Francisco Police Department is also asking the public for assistance. Anyone with information regarding the investigation are encouraged to call the SFPD anonymous tip line at (415) 575-4444.

Poisoned Meatballs in SF Sicken Dogs

Police in San Francisco are looking for a suspect who planted poisoned meatballs along streets in the city. Authorities believe the meat pieces were left behind in an attempt to sicken and potentially kill dogs.

Poisoned Meatballs Killing Dogs

Several animals have died after their owners say they ate meatball-like objects found in a yard.

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