PacSun T-Shirts Bought by Utah Mom for $567 After Finding them Indecent

PacSun T Shirts

A mother in Utah was so offended by PacSun’s T-shirt window display, she bought every shirt just to get them out of the window.

Judy Cox was birthday shopping with her son at the University Mall Saturday when they walked passed the window display at PacSun. The window touted the company’s line of “Visual” T-shirts that included screened photos of scantily-dressed models in provocative poses.

“I had a conversation with the store manager,” Cox told the Daily Herald. “She said she did refuse to put the accompanying banner up with the display because it was much worse, but that she couldn’t take down the T-shirts without talking to her corporate office, but the promo was over Wednesday anyway. She said she told them it might not go over well.”

So, she then bought all 19 T-shirts in stock, for a total of $567. Cox says she plans to return them later, toward the end of PacSun’s 60-day return period.

“These shirts clearly cross a boundary that is continually being pushed on our children in images on the Internet, television and when our families shop in the mall,” Cox said in an email to The Associated Press.

Cox didn’t stop there, she took it to another level. She met with Orem city attorney Greg Stephens on Tuesday to discuss whether the images on the T-shirts violated city code.

Stephens told Cox that she first needed to file a complaint with police. He said police would then review the issue and decide whether it needed to be passed on to the city attorney, a process that could take weeks.

City code prohibits anyone from putting “explicit sexual material” on public display. The city defines that as “any material that appeals to a prurient interest in sex and depicts nudity, actual or simulated sexual conduct, sexual excitement, or sadomasochistic abuse.”

Cox said she wants her actions to make clear that these types of images are not acceptable for public display.

“I hope my efforts will inspire others to speak up within their communities,” Cox said. “You don’t have to purchase $600 worth of T-shirts, but you can express your concerns to businesses and corporations who promote the display of pornography to children.”

Mom buys up provocative t-shirts being sold at PacSun

A mother from Utah bought hundreds of dollars worth of shirts to get them out of the window display.

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