Super Bowl Star Spangled Banner Performed By Opera Singer Renée Fleming


Renee Fleming Super Bowl 2014 National Anthem

Who is singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl? This year is the first year that an Opera singer will perform the Star Spangled Banner at the start of the Super Bowl. Super Bowl XLVIII will present Renée Fleming as the National Anthem performer and it has given some pause and brought up a common question. What is that question you say? Well, people are concerned and curious how long the performance will take.

In fact, some people are so dead set on the idea of an Opera Singer belting out the Star Spangled Banner taking a long time that they’re betting on how long it will be. Bleacher Report put out an article saying that prop bets have been made on Renée Fleming’s performance.

The biggest bet so far for SuperBowl 48 is, “How long will it take Renee Fleming to Sing the National Anthem?” Over / Under: 2 minutes and 25 seconds? Besides just the bet, Bleacher Report also has an ongoing voter pool that currently shows 51.9% say that Ms. Fleming will go over, 40.0% say it will be under and 8.2% say it will be right on the nail with a total number of votes of 773. If you were a betting man, what would you bet, will Ms. Fleming perform over or under?

An interview from Renée Fleming done by the New York Daily News was released on YouTube. Ms. Fleming described that she expects her performance to be created more as her own and it will be unique from the flashy performances we’ve seen from celebrities in the past. Ms. Fleming is excited that NFL has taken a different direction and is allowing the arts and opera to take a center stage in 2014. For the entire interview you can watch the video of Ms. Fleming explaining the way she looks at performing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl.

Renée Fleming on being the first opera singer to perform the national anthem at the Super Bowl

Opera soprano Renée Fleming talks about her upcoming performance as the first opera singer to perform the national anthem at the Super Bowl.

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