Super Bowl Fandom Map 2014 – Broncos vs. Seahawks [Video]


Super Bowl Fandom Map 2014

You might be pretty surprised to see the hard data in this map that was released by FOX on their Super Bowl  XLVIII Pregame coverage. The data was put together by the Facebook Data Science team that was able to see who is rooting for the Denver Broncos for Super Bowl 48 and who is rooting for the Seattle Seahawks for this SuperBowl game. If you were a betting man, would you have bet that Seattle Seahawks looks so sad in domination of fans for the United States?

If the Seattle Seahawks won this Super Bowl it would be their first win ever. By the looks of this map they’re really going to need some fan support to get the behind their team. You can see from the Super Bowl Fandom Map that support during this 2014 Super Bowl for Seattle Seahawks mainly resides in the Northwest of the United States. Almost all of Washington is covered in deep dark blue which resembles more than 80% of fans for rooting for Seahawks during the Super Bowl. Some Northern California is going for the Seahawks but it dies off quickly into Denver Bronco land as you move south in California. Alaska seems to be exclusively behind the Seattle Seahawks and one island in Hawaii is rooting for the Seahawks too.

So who is rooting for the Denver Broncos in this Super Bowl 2014 game? Well, apparently if you take this Facebook Super Bowl data as it looks, the rest of the entire country. There are other Facebook Fan maps that have been shared that show the season fan distribution with all of the teams in the NFL throughout the season. Those maps are more widespread but this one showing Super Bowl fans really makes you wonder.

The other interesting map that shows us a lot of information about being a fan of an NFL Team was released by the Facebook Data Science team. This map shows the hometown fans that are built by where someone lives, family ties and camaraderie surrounding your hometown NFL team. The maps shows where the colors bleed over by county in the United States supporting one team to another. This map really reveals how solid a team fan base can be. As you can guess when the season progresses and teams win and lose, the map starts to change pretty drastically. You can learn more at the Facebook Data Science team article on this NFL Fandom breakdown.

NFL Fans By County

Image Source: Facebook Data Science Team

Facebook Super Bowl 2014 Fandom Map

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