Signs of Betting Bitcoin On Super Bowl 48 in 2014

Bitcoin Super Bowl Bets

The rise of bitcoin has made many millionaires and put some unexpected people flush with virtual cash. There are also a portion of people that are starting to store their wealth in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. It seems appropriate then that Sports betters are looking for a good Sports Book or institution to be betting on the Seahawks or the Broncos.

We’ve scoured the Internet and came up with a list of ways that someone with Bitcoin can bet on not only the winner of the Super Bowl, but the coinflip, touchdowns, specific players like Golden Tate & Julius Thomas to both scoring TD’s and more. If you find another great place or know of other ways, let us know and leave it in the comments.

One site called Nitrogen Sports has Super Bowl Props listed for game time after 5:00pm. Some bets you can make here are things like Opening Coin Toss Heads vs Opening Toss Tails, There Will Be Overtime vs There Will Not Be Overtime, Safety, 1st Headcoach challenge – Broncos or Seahawks and more.

Another site is called BitBook and they allow 50 Bitcoin maximum bets which are quite large. This company seems to get pretty high ratings and has a lot of trades and bets roll through it’s system.

A detailed analysis was done by James Canning on the wide landscape of Bitcoin betting and how it’s being done this year in 2014 for the Super Bowl. There are many other sites he mentions and suggests for the sports fanatic that likes to bet and lay down some coin on the game. We’ll live it to Mr. Canning to explain his other picks but it is just interesting to see that the crytocurrency market is rolling out the bets in the big leagues.

On November 17th the company Bets of Bitcoin put out a tweet from their account: Bet: NFL Super Bowl-Coin Flip in will be “heads”. ┬áThat bet was closed but shows a pretty even distribution on the bitcoin Super Bowl bet that it will be heads or tails. A 40 percent heads bet compared to a 39 percent tails bet gives a slight advantage to heads. What about you, would you place a bet like this?

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