Fastest Score In Super Bowl History in Broncos vs. Seahawks

Fastest Score in Super Bowl History

The last safety in Super Bowl was between San Francisco – Super Bowl XLVII vs. Baltimore. Tonight’s Super Bowl safety score was the fastest Super Bowl score in history. The safety happened on the first play of the game when Peyton Manning missed the hike of the ball and it soared over his head as he jerked back in disbelief. It wasn’t Peyton Manning’s fault particularly but there was absolutely a miscall at some point in time.

The commentators on Fox Sports talked about how loud the crowd was at MetLife stadium. However, after discussions no one really believes it was caused by the loud crowd but really by nerves on the field that threw everyone off and got them out of sync. This put Peyton Manning which is arguably one of the most successful quarterbacks in history into the history books for another unfortunate record. It was confirmed on air that this has now become the fastest score in Super Bowl History. Super Bowl 48 enters the history books for one of the most bizarre circumstances ever.

Not many good shots were obtained of Peyton Manning letting the football fly over his head but we have uploaded video of the exact moment and embedded it below. Let us know what you think about what happened and if you think it’s Peyton Manning’s fault or not.

The game is still progressing and at this point it is 5 – 0, Seattle Seahawks in the lead. A field goal pushed them above their original 2 – 0 lead from the start of the game safety lead. This has certainly thrown predictions and bets in disarray as Sports betters all around the world sit stunned in seeing this mishap take place in the NFL’s biggest game of the year.

Fastest Score in Super Bowl History 2014

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