Bud Light SuperBowl Commercial Video #UpForWhatever #SB48

Bud Light SuperBowl Commercial #UpForWhatever

It’s always a big time of year for Anheuser-Bush InBev and they always put on a show with star studded beer commercials. This year is no different and three different Super Bowl Ad spots are going to be aired during Super Bowl 48.

The Bud Light features spot for Anheuser-Bush gives the Bud Light brand a new saying, “The Perfect Beer for Whatever Happens.” This commercial features celebrity heavyweights like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Don Cheadle and comedian Reggie Watts. There is also an appearance by llama that will most likely be the most famous llama of all-time now.

How much did Arnold get paid for the Super Bowl Commercial?

So how much does a big superstar like Arnold Schwarzenegger get paid to be a Bud Light Super Bowl commercial spot? Well according to Page Six the payout got Arnold $3 million dollars. The Bud Light Game Day commercial features many different cuts and takes of Schwarzenegger having fun and being humorous while playing Ping Pong.

The Official Bud Light channel on YouTube has released a lot of sneak peaks at the prime SuperBowl Ad spot and then released a version with extended scenes. The title of the main spot with extended scenes is, “Ian Up For Whatever Film”. While a lot of money was put into this Game Day commercial for Bud Light by getting celebrity cameo appearances the commercial that seems to be delivering a lot of the buzz is the Clydesdale horses for Budweiser and Puppy Love. You can watch that Puppy Love for Budweiser commercial here in this spot where we cover the one getting a lot of attention for Anheuser-Bush.

Budweiser Puppy Love Super Bowl 2014 Commercial Leaked [Video]

All of the videos for Bud Light SuperBowl XLVIII are below.

Ian Up For Whatever Film– 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial – Extended Scenes | Bud Light

Check out Bud Light’s Super Bowl 2014 commercial following one guy who was truly #UpForWhatever.

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Llama Drama- 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial – Extended Scenes | Bud Light

Minka Kelly Dresses Ian- 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial – Extended Scenes | Bud Light

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