Dolphins Surf with Surfers During the 2014 Rincon Classic Surf Competition

Dolphins Surfing

During The Rincon Classic surf competition in Santa Barbara this past weekend, surfers were joined by dolphins on the waves.

A group of wave-riding dolphins entered the lineup during the women’s final and stole the show. Surfer Abby Brown was one of them that was joined. As she caught the wave and dropped in alongside her fellow wave riders, taking off as the dolphins swam by just beneath her.

According to the media, spectators were treated to a magnificent display of around 12 dolphins, skimming through the water right alongside the 200 surfers.

Instead of disappearing under the breaking wave, the animals stayed ahead the whole time, occasionally popping above the surface with their fins.

You can hear in the video, the crowd enjoying the display of dolphins and cheered them on.

“The best surfers are the ones that have the most fun,” 39-year-old event organizer Chris Keet told the Daily News. “Dolphins are always smiling when they are riding the waves.”

“When dolphins come, you can see them but not in all their glory,” he said. “I’ve never seen (the water’s bright color) look like that before. You could tell it was magic.”

The waves got bigger and bigger throughout the weekend and were at its peak when the dolphins arrived, said Keet, who owns the surfing school Surf Happens, which sponsors the annual event.

“The dolphins were like the climax of the entire event,” he said. “There were goose bumps felt through the crowd, and it wasn’t the 80-degree temperature.”

While dolphins are common in this area, they do not generally approach surfers.

The Rincon Classic was founded in 1979 and happens every year between mid-January and late-February when the waves are at their best.

Rincon Classic 2014 Dolphins surfing

During the 2014 Rincon Classic surf contest dolphins stole the show.

Surfing Dolphins Steal The Show At Santana Barbara Competition

A pod of dolphins have shown their competitive spirit by joining a group of more than 200 surfers in California’s Rincon Classic competition.

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