Black Rhino Auction Winner, Corey Knowlton Fears His Life After Threats

Dallas Safari Club Black Rhino

The Dallas Safari Club held an auction to raise money in efforts to protect and conserve an endangered black rhino in Namibia.

It was recently leaked that Corey Knowlton made the winning bid for $350,000. The long-time big game hunting expert is now surrounded by full-time security, because of threats made against him and as well as the Dallas Safari Club.

“They’re wanting to kill me. They’re wanting to kill my children. They’re wanting to skin us alive… they’re wanting to burn my house down,” he said of the type of threats received.

FBI spokeswoman, Katherine Chaumont said Wednesday in a statement, “The FBI is aware of the threats. If a violation of federal law is determined, additional action or investigation as necessary will take place.”

Corey Knowlton told Dallas television stations WFAA and KTVT that he won last week’s Dallas Safari Club auction to hunt a black rhino in the African nation of Namibia.

Knowlton said he simply put up $350,000 for rhino conservation and anti-poaching causes. He wants people to know that if he hadn’t made the bid there would be less money going toward a good cause.

“They don’t know who I am. They don’t know what I’m about. They don’t even understand the process. This actually is the very best thing by scientific biologists experts,” he said.

“I’m a hunter,” Knowlton told WFAA. “I want to experience a black rhino. I want to be intimately involved with a black rhino. If I go over there and shoot it or not shoot it, it’s beyond the point.”

The Namibian government says that Corey Knowlton’s $350,000 will go into the Conservation Trust Fund For The Namibian Black Rhino.

An estimated 4,000 black rhinos remain in the wild, and the auction drew critics who said all members of an endangered species deserve protection.

Tim Van Norman of the Fish And Wildlife Service said that Namibia issues permits to kill five black rhinos per year. Van Norman said that hunting the older males can actually help the herd populate.

Van Norman said: “Black rhinos are very territorial so you will have an older male that is keeping younger males from reproducing… By removing these older males from the population, you get an increase in the production of calves. Younger males are able to impregnate the females that are in that area so you get more offspring than from some of these older males.”

Black Rhino Auction Winner

Corey Knowlton is the man who paid $350,000 at a Dallas Safari Club auction last weekend for a permit to hunt an endangered black rhino in Namibia.

Rhino Safari Auction Triggers Backlash

Outrage over Dallas Safari Club’s winning bid of $350,000 to kill a black rhino in Africa.

Auction to Kill Rare Black Rhino

The Dallas Safari Club is auctioning off a permit to kill an endangered Black Rhino in Namibia.

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9 Comments on "Black Rhino Auction Winner, Corey Knowlton Fears His Life After Threats"

  1. Id happily hunt the rhino and kill all the people in self defense that threaten me.. go merica. hippies suck no one cares about them anyway

  2. The rhino needs security guards too. Perhaps the rhino should hold an auction so it can raise money to pay for its own security guards to protect him while he waits for the winner of the auction to eliminate the threat to his life

  3. This privileged American idiot just does not have the intelligence or morality to understand why people would object to him paying more than the cost of a house to kill a defenseless animal with a high powered rifle from a safe distance, just so he can bolster his obviously inadequate masculinity. He should be publically shamed!

  4. He will get no sympathy from me. I have no problem with him receiving death threats. I would send him one myself if I knew where he lived. I would send one to the morons who organised the auction as well. This whole thing really pisses me off. These animals belong to everyone and they are endangered. How can it be that this can even happen? I thought we were suppose to be protecting them? Wave a little cash and that all goes out the window? I hope the rhino gorges him.

  5. This absolutely defeats the values behind conservation! Also, please correct the many misspelled instances of the country’s name Namibia not Nambia

  6. Do either of you morons realize something like 80% of the money going to the groups to conserve these animals comes from hunters?

    I smell the bitter jealousy of small, angry people upset that this guy can blow 350k on something they disagree with.

    • Warner M.Zepp | January 24, 2014 at 7:35 pm |

      Henry, you obviously don’t have the slightest idea how Africa works and you should therefore keep your uneducated opinion to yourself. Africa is the continent of unabashed corruption: not a penny will go to conservation, all of it will end up in private pockets. The net result will be one less rhino and a specie closer to extinction. Go hunt human trash , there is truly a rich reservoir of them all around the world. But leave the noble animals alone.

  7. He should spend a few more dollars and build a pen on his front lawn where he can keep a live black rhino until it dies of old age, allowing everyone to “experience” it.

    _That_, according to scientists, would be even better for black rhino populations.

    I suspect he’s not very smart, is very selfish, and doesn’t understand much about the universe. Allowing him to destroy a rare and beautiful piece of it is wrong. Allowing the people who put this animal’s life up for auction to condemn it to a horrible and vicious death is also wrong.

  8. I don’t know what he’s so afraid of…… There’s been an auction and someone paid good money for the right to hunt and kill him…. same deal the rhino got….. perfectly fair and legal Hahahaha. He purchased the threats, I’m not saying that he should be shot, that would be stupid but he was stupid enough to buy a ticket to kill a black rhino. NO SYMPATHY

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