2 Comments on "Little Baby Face Foundation Featured on Dateline Receives Controversy"

  1. If you turn and face the other way when someone is being bullied, you might as well be the bully too.f someone dressed like one of us and he was not one of us, most likely he would be a target. Either he would have to join our gang or get himself hurt.kids who witness bullying feel powerless and seldom intervene. However, kids who take action can have a powerful and positive effect on the situation .Lets cheer, bulling is not accepted here!Bullies are not cool they’re just cruel .Bullying? Be Smart, Don’t Start Keep in mind To be kind Cos bullying’s mean And not to be seen.

  2. Thank you for writing about this topic. It is important to note that the Little Baby Face Foundation treats children with ALL types of facial deformities from moderate to severe. If you visit their website you’ll see the amazing things they have done. The TV show was focused on those few teens; not the 100s of other children they have helped — with problems including cleft lip/cleft palate, tumors, facial palsy, severe dental issues and more. Dr. Thomas Romo helps children from the goodness of his heart and his foundation is all volunteer. It would be great if there were more people like him in the world. It is easy to say it is sending the bullies the wrong message. But try telling that to parents whose children have committed suicide from being bullied.

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