Mike Ditka Falls Asleep on Live ESPN Broadcast

Mike Ditka Falls Asleep

Sunday football can be full of excitement and the discussions can get controversial and full of debates. However on December 30th, 2013 on ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown during coverage of the Jets at the Dolphins Mike Ditka fell asleep.

It was a live coverage event on ESPN when after the camera cut have to the five commentators, the one sitting by Mike Ditka, Keyshawn Johnson noticed Ditka was snoozing away and reached out his hand and shook Mr. Ditka a bit. After a good shake to the arm, Mike Ditka kind of leaned to the right and then noticed he was completely asleep on live television.

The startled reaction by Mike Ditka was him raising his hands together a couple times in a row to kind of assert himself and show he was awake and ready to be apart of the discussion. After a few shakes Mike Ditka shuffled around some papers on the ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown desk that was displaying the Jets & Dolphins with Week 17.

Mike Ditka was born on October 18th, 1939 making him a fair age of 74 years old. While it was just after the Christmas festivities it and old Mike Ditka was probably worn out, it shows he might be getting past his prime for live sports television. Ditka was the coach for the Chicago Bears for 11 years and New Orleans Saints for three years.

Close Up of Mike Ditka Sleeping on Sunday NFL CountdownHealth incidents with Mike Ditka show one major issue back on November 16th, 2012 when Mike was a country club in Chicago and had a stroke. Other than, no known health issues have plagued Mr. Ditka that could contribute to falling asleep on live television.

Scores of people have been uploading videos on YouTube of the Mike Ditka falling asleep incident and sharing their jokes. Some people are sharing videos of their kids falling asleep and calling it a, “Mike Ditka Impression.”

Here’s video of Mike Ditka Falling Asleep:

Mike Ditka Falls Asleep On Sunday NLF Countdown

Apparently Jets v Dolphins really is this boring.Joining the great pantheon of anchors who have fallen asleep during live broadcasts—actually, it’s just Tucker Carlson—Mike Ditka got in a little snooze during Sunday NFL Countdown this morning. Ditka was pulling the whole undergrad-during-a-Hum-lecture head nod when the show cut back to the studio. Keyshawn Johnson gradually realized he was asleep, and nudged Ditka awake about as inconspicuously as possible while on live television.

Close up of Mike Ditka falling asleep on ESPN

Little Girl Doing Her Mike Ditka Impression, Falling Asleep

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