Aron Ralston, Famous for Amputating Arm in a Utah Canyon and ‘127 Hours’ Movie, Arrested


Aron Ralston Arrested

Aron Ralston, the man known for becoming trapped in a Utah canyon and having to amputate his own right arm to escape, has been arrested for a domestic assault charge.

Since Denver property records list the owner of the single-family residence at 642 Corona St, as Vita Shannon, police arrested her at the same time as Ralston.

Denver police reports released Monday, show Ralston and Shannon, both 38, each face one count of assault and one count of wrongs to minors.

Documents say a dispute between the couple had occurred on Saturday night. “There apparently was some type of heated argument, police got involved, charges and counter charges were filed. This is just two people trying to work out a difficult relationship,” said Larry Ralston, father of Aron Ralston told the Denver Post.

Ralston told police that Shannon hit him twice in the back of the head with fists during the argument over Ralston’s other child.

Shannon told police Ralston shoved her on the shoulder as he left her apartment, according to the reports.

Police noted that the couple’s 8-week old daughter was present during the fight.

Both were booked into jail over the weekend and are expected to appear in court on Monday. In suspected domestic violence cases, a defendant cannot bond out of jail before appearing before a judge.

Aron Ralston had made headlines in 2003 when he went hiking in a southwest Utah Canyon and became trapped by a boulder. He had to break his radius and ulna bones and amputate his own arm with a small knife included on his multitool to free himself.

Detail of his struggles were published in a book called “Between A Rock And A Hard Place.” Later, his story was later adapted in 2010 into the movie called “127 Hours.”  It starred James Franco as Ralston and was nominated for six Academy Awards, including Best Picture.

‘127 Hours’ Hero Arrested on Domestic Abuse Charges

Ralston was arrested at the home of a 38-year-old woman (not his wife) and charged with domestic violence.

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