Christmas Tree Delivery to Your Doorstep

Christmas Tree Delivery

Uber announced on its blog today that it will be delivering Christmas trees in ten cities in partnership with Home Depot, including Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, San Diego, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Washington DC.

“Instead of spending your weekend wrestling with a tree from the not-so-near farm or slushy street corner, kick back, pour yourself an extra glass of eggnog and watch your app as Uber takes care of the heavy lifting,” Uber wrote in a blog post.

For a total of $135, a netted Frazer Fir or Noble Fir, seven to eight feet tall and fixed with a stand, will be delivered from Home Depot to your door.

The company is offering an option for roommates or co-workers to split the cost of the tree.

The deal is between 11AM and 8PM Thursday, December 5 only, and Uber says that availability will be “very limited.”

Another company Dashed has added Christmas Tree delivery to their program this week as well.

Dashed teamed up with local Christmas tree vendors in Boston, Philadelphia, and Providence to provide this service to their customers.

After customers place an order, Dashed promises that tree delivery will take under two hours, but on average it “will be at your home or office in about 45 minutes.”

“Since Dashed is a food delivery company, the same standards we have in place for delivering your pizza or P.F. Chang’s are set for Christmas trees,” a Dashed spokesperson said. “In each of the three cities, local vendors have been identified and are located inside the city, cutting down on travel time. This, coupled with 4.5 years of delivery experience, allows Dashed to deliver trees within a very short time frame.”

Dashed is also delivering “tree stands, wreaths, garland, flowers and plants, and more,” the company said, and its drivers will help set up trees in the home or office after delivery.

Dashed is charging a flat delivery fee of $19.99 for all Christmas tree deliveries.

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