Comet ISON Update: May Have Survived Encounter With Sun [Video]



Comet ISON Update Survived

After a lot of anticipation built up around the world around one of the most exciting comets to come close to earth in 100 years, many people are wondering, “Did Comet ISON Survive?” NASA & the European Space Agency thought in the beginning that hopes looked dim that that Comet ISON made it through the orbit around our Sun.

On’s website they state Comet ISON, “appeared to dim and fizzle in several observatories and later could not be seen at all by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory or by ground based solar observatories, many scientists believed it had disintegrated completely.” This lead many people to believe that the Sun had completely destroyed the nuclear of the comet and would prevent a pass-by Earth for viewers to see in our sky.

A new Comet ISON Update was released by NASA that states, “A streak of bright material streaming away from the sun appeared in the European Space Agency and NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory later in the evening. The question remains whether it is merely debris from the comet, or if some portion of the comet’s nucleus survived, but late-night analysis from scientists with NASA’s Comet ISON Observing Campaign suggest that there is at least a small nucleus intact.”

We’ve included video of Comet ISON passing around the orbit of the Sun below which shows the comet rocketing into the Sun’s corona and in a straight shot upward. You can see the something makes it out of the Sun’s heat and continues on briefly becoming brighter. There are also reports of other people around the world seeing ISON near the sun in broad daylight like here. It remains to be seen whether the nucleus of Comet ISON will remain intact for a display over Earth, check back for an update.

Comet ISON Approaching Sun Video

Comet ISON crashes into SUN…?! Maybe Not…

Comet ISON Survives Close Encounter with Sun – Update Nov 29, 2013 – Images ESA/NASA/SOHO/Hotshots

Comet ISON Fizzles – NASA Goddard

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