Cards Against Humanity Black Friday Reverse Sale Stunt, Will It Work?

Cards Against Humanity Black Friday Sale

An idea that started as a KickStarter project on December 1st in 2010 has risen to the #1 selling card game on Amazon for two years. Currently right now in Toys and Games CAH, short for Cards Against Humanity has held the #1 spot for months as the Best Seller. The popular and horrible card game is also the Most Wished For gift on Amazon.

Last year there was a stunt put on by Cards Against Humanity that provided a little something extra to people that loved the game. The announcement of their deal said, “Santa knows that you’ve been a naughty little sh*t this year. Fortunately, naughty little sh*ts are our main demographic, so we got you something anyway. We got you a little something extra. Today we’re releasing a limited-edition holiday pack with 30 brand new cards. We think they’re worth $5, but you can pay whatever you want, including $0 if you want to ruin Christmas.” Not too long after CAH released an info page that showed they sold around 85,000 Holiday Packs with an average price of $3.89, you can view the detailed stats here.

This year for Holiday Bullsh*t Cards Against Humanity decided to offer 12 Days of Holiday Bullsh*t for $12 and the purchaser would receive 12 gifts over 12 days. The new offering sold out in less than 24 hours.

Black Friday Sale for Cards Against Humanity Stunt

Cards Against Humanity Price Raise

Now for Black Friday Cards Against Humanity has done it again with a big stunt that defies logic on the biggest shopping day of the year in America. The reverse sale this year raises prices on all CAH sets by $5 each. In their list of dumb questions, “Why do all your products cost more today?” is answered with, “We’re participating in the tradition of “Black Friday,” an American holiday celebrating a time when the Wampanoag tribe saved the settlers of Plymouth Colony with incredible deals. All of our products are $5 more today only, so you can enjoy buying them that much more.”

The gag holds true as Cards Against Humanity on Amazon is listed at $30.00 up $5.00 from the traditional $25 price with a new detail description that reads, “From Cards Against Humanity LLC: BLACK FRIDAY BLOWOUT SALE! Today only, all Cards Against Humanity products are $5 more! Drop the turkey leg, get out your wallet, and get in on this once-in-a-lifetime deal!” All of the Cards Against Humanity Expansion Packs One, Two, Three and Four are also $5 more at $15 each up from their normal $10 price. So far CAH is still the #1 Best Seller in Toys in Games on Amazon.

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