Rare 14.82 Carat Orange Diamond Sells for Record Price $35.5 Million in Geneva Magnificent Jewels Sale

Largest Orange Diamond

A pure orange diamond is rare, let alone the largest 14.82-carat orange diamond ever known to exist to be for sale. It is more common to find orange diamonds with secondary colors. The orange color is the result of the presence of nitrogen during the diamond’s creation.

The Gemological Institute of America, which graded the diamond and issued its report, recently said: “Strongly colored diamonds in the orange hue range rarely exceed three or four carats in size when polished. (This diamond) is almost four times larger than that size range. In GIA’s colored diamond grading system, as the color appearance of strongly colored diamonds transitions from orangy yellow to orange the occurrence becomes progressively more rare—that is—the less yellow present the more rarely they occur.”

During Christie’s Geneva Magnificent Jewels sale on Tuesday, the 14.82 carat orange diamond broke it’s high estimate of $21 million and sold for more than $35.5 million.

The bidding opened at 10 million Swiss francs, but quickly reached $20 million francs. The bidding slowed and the increments in bidding switched from 1 million francs to a half-million.

The Christie’s live Internet feed that had several bidders competing, along with bidders on phones. The room errupted with applause following the winning bid of 29 million francs ($31.6 million). The final total of $35,531,974 million includes fees and commissions.

“Time and again, a stone will appear on the market that is truly a miracle of nature,” said François Curiel, International head of Christie’s Jewellery Department. “The 14.82-carat orange diamond is one such a stone, a rare gem, which will perhaps only be seen once in a lifetime. In the sale on Tuesday, it soared far above all previous records for any orange diamond ever sold at auction, placing The Orange among the greatest pinks and blues, which are traditionally the most appreciated colored diamonds.”

“In a $125 million auction, the Orange, the Patiño collection, natural pearls, Royal jewels and stylish creations from the collection of Hélène Rochas were competed for with a passion rarely seen before. The energy in the auction room was constant throughout the sale with collectors and members of the trade bidding without abandon”, said Rahul Kadakia, Head of Jewellery, Christie’s Switzerland and Americas.

It’s believed this 14.82 carat Orange diamond is to be the world’s largest orange diamond. It is approximately three times larger than the other large orange diamonds: The 5.54-carat “Pumpkin Diamond,” which was sold privately, and the 4.19 carat fancy vivid orange diamond sold at auction for a record price of $2.95 million in October 2011.

World’s Largest Orange Diamond Sold For $35.5 Million In Geneva

A spectacular and rare orange diamond, the largest known gem of its kind, is auctioned for a record $35.54 million in Geneva.

Rare orange diamond sells for $36 million in Geneva

A rare, orange, 14.82 carat diamond called The Orange has sold for nearly 36 million dollars at an auction in Geneva. Billed the largest orange diamond in the world by Christie’s, the stone called The Orange weighs approximately 14.82 carats. The sale comes just a day before a huge and rare pink diamond is expected to fetch more than $60 million at auction. The Pink Star, which weighs 59.60 carats, is said to be the most valuable diamond offered at auction.

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