Depression Linked to Diet: Eating Pasta and Fatty Red Meat Increases Depression and Inflammation

Pasta Linked to Depression

A new study linked depression to eating pasta and other foods that cause inflammation in women.

For 12 years, researchers tracked the diet and health of more than 43,000 women. None of whom had depression at the start of the study. Researchers found that women who drank soda, ate fatty red meat, or consumed refined grains (like pasta, white bread, crackers, or chips) daily were 29 to 41 percent more likely to be diagnosed or treated for depression than those who stuck to a healthier diet.

According to the study published in Brain, Behavior, and Immunity, blood tests revealed those same women had higher indicators for three biomarkers of the kind of inflammation previously linked to ailments including heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer.

While a certain degree of inflammation is normal in healthy women, higher levels can indicate a more serious medical issue.

It’s not clear exactly how inflammation and depression are linked, says study coauthor Michel Lucas, PhD, of the Harvard School of Public Health.

Dr. Lucas’ research found foods like coffee, olive oil, wine, and vegetables including carrots, sweet potatoes, and leafy greens can help reduce inflammation and depression.

A Mediterranean-style diet heavy in olive oil as well as fish and vegetables has also been linked to lower rates of depression.

According to MSN, a previous study conducted by the University of Eastern Finland found similar results in men. Researchers recorded the diets of 2,000 men, concluding that diet can affect mental, as well as, physical health. The men with healthier diets were found to have a reduced risk of depressive mood disorders.

Researcher Anu Ruusunen said the research also concluded that processed meats, sugary foods, and “junk food,” increased symptoms of depression.

“The study reinforces the hypothesis that a healthy diet has potential not only in the warding off of depression, but also in its prevention,” says Ms Anu Ruusunen, MSc, who presented the results in her doctoral thesis in the field of nutritional epidemiology.

Pasta Linked to Depression in New Study

Study found women who ate diets heavier in refined grains were about one-third more likely to suffer from depression.

Pasta Depression

Pasta is linked to Depression, according to new study.

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