Sea Lion Steals Fish from Fisherman While Filming Show in Mexico [Video]

Seal Steals Fish

A sneaky sea lion steals a fish out of a fisherman’s hands while filming his Travel Channel TV show Chef on the Water.

In a YouTube video that was uploaded on October 9, 2013, which now has over 2 million views, you’ll see Chef Yvan Mucharrz and Mike Ritz showing off the enormous Mahi Mahi fish they had caught while filming in the port of Cabo San Lucas in Mexico when Pancho jumped up and grabbed the fish right out of Mucharrz’s hands.

In the words of the good humored fisherman and show host, Mike “The Griz” Ritz, “That is too funny”. “That is a crime” he says while laughing.

A pelican just behind the boat watches the whole scene unfold, seemingly with mild amusement, reports the Huffington Post.

Even YouTube commenters believe the bird was in on it too. Bat5hade says, “That bird was in cahoots with the Sea Lion.”

Ernk75 added, “The bird was the look out kept his cool looked down at the water like don’t forget my cut.”

While PunkedGamer asks, “Was the sea lion trying to rescue that fish??”

Apparently, Pancho has a reputation for doing this type of thing around the harbor.

Karen Barnert, a blogger in Cabo, jokingly says of Pancho, “He … got kicked out of Sea World, but learned all the right lessons.” She also wrote that one fisherman joked about Pancho’s thievery became a real crime. Stealing a tournament fish valued at possibly 9000.00 USD!

Seal Steals Fish

This is what happened when Mike “The Griz” Ritz – Adventures South of the Border takes Chef Yvan Mucharrz from Capella Pedregal – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico fishing to film the new Chef on the Water reality show. Local fisherman call him Pancho.

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